The Crypto Bonus Bonus – Combo Boost up to 150% Your WInnings

Nov 17, 2023 | Sports Betting Bonuses circle logo



Bonus Info:

Bonus Type: Sports Betting, Profit Booster

Elevate your sports betting experience with the ComboBoost Bonus, offering an exhilarating chance to boost your winnings by up to 150%. Ideal for sports enthusiasts looking to amplify their betting returns!

Key Highlights of ComboBoost:

  • Eligibility: Open to all registered users.
  • Applicability: Exclusive to combination bets.
  • Event Count: Valid for bets with 2 to 63 events.
  • Odds Requirement: Each event must have odds of 1.3+, with a combined total of 2.6+.

Bonus Structure:

  • Boost Scale: Ranging from 1% for 2 events, progressively increasing to a maximum of 150% for 40 to 63 events.
  • Bonus Application: Applies to winnings, excluding the initial bet amount.
  • Non-Cancelable: Once activated, the bonus is locked in.

This ComboBoost Bonus is a fantastic way for bettors to significantly increase their potential payouts, making each successful combination bet even more rewarding!

Bonus T&C Apply 18+

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